Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jiffy Pop Dome and Westgate - Glendale AZ

Got together with an old frat friend for the first time since '78 and we checked out the new football stadium and events nearby. It's called Phoenix Stadium but valley folks have different names for it including the Jiffy Pop Dome and another reference to a toaster.

Pic of me first, then Theta Delti Chi (Epsilon Triton) frat bro Mad Dog. Yep the name fit him well back in the days.

And Westgate above. This area is adjacent to the stadium and arena the Phoenix Suns play in. I guess they have a hockey team too, but I don't keep up. Plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and the like here. It's not like the old days when all one could find near many stadiums was their own boring hot dogs, peanuts and beer. Menu prices? Up there. Only time will tell if this place continues to thrive. I'm not the only one cutting back here and there.

Saddle House Ranch Chop House. Cool looking place but we settled on Hooters for lunch down the road.

Yessir, you can buy a condo here too. $500K to $ 2million.

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