Saturday, January 31, 2009

Phoenix Open - TPC Scottsdale

Okay, maybe I'll play a round of golf this Sunday after practically giving it up last July when I shot a 108 on my basically unfair mountain golf course in Ellijay. Unfair? Yea, when you can't hit it straight! Expect to lose a half dozen balls:(
Home course hole by hole- this day I actually played well.

Watching these pros again, they make it look too easy. The notices posted no cameras allowed on the grounds. But they also said no inappropriate booing(more below). Blowing the dust off my tiny Sony pocket camera not used in a few years I ventured past the wand wavers at the gate. Hey I wasn't going without taking some pics! I wonder if I can get away with it at Pebble Beach too?

The infamous 16th hole! It's now entirely surrounded by seating. A hole with a stadium view. Story has it the hole started as a gathering ground for ASU college students because the beer tent was nearby. College kids and beer? I've been there. I get it. What's golf without a beer tent? Many that follow the game know the rest of the story and how it's evolved. I guess Tiger doesn't like coming here anymore because of it.

I was really surprised at what is allowed. I mean golf etiquette? Booing? Unheard of. If a player can't get the ball on the green from the tee 162 yards away expect a rash of booing. We were there at 11 AM so the beer hadn't showed it's effects and the crowd was a mix of all age groups. No mass hard core 16th hole followers were present. The mood was tame.

The sky box area below thanks to a fraternity brother. All the trimmings. I was the designated driver for the day, but I did take advantage of the food, suns warmth, and 18th hole views. Plenty of free booze to go around and lottsa pretty ladies!

I think the guy in the middle should go home. What do you think? Come on dude open your eyes!

And some hand rolled stogies we brought home for my brother in law Brad who couldn't make the event. Doesn't mean he didn't hit the beer tent at home...hehe

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