Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dallas - First Leg Of Trip Complete

I had a good story together until I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express today. Woke up from a nap freezing my bejemas off. Lousy thing was blowing cold air! So they transfer me to a suite. Whoa boy! It's always hard to get in a mood to put together something when disruptions like this happen.

I'll complete Monday morning. In the meantime the trip has been fine except for some rain Saturday while travelling through Alabama and Mississippi. The truck needed a bath anyway. Boy that's some interesting crap isn't it? I gotta go get some dinner. Plan to visit the Southfork Ranch Monday.

Btw, congratulations Eagle fans. I actually listened to the game on the road today. Can they finally be for real?? After how many years of disappointment? Have the Phillies had an effect on their quest for a first Super Bowl ever? Could it also be a Pa. Super Bowl?

Travelling west from Vicksburg MS to Louisiana over the mighty Mississipp.


  1. As an Eagle fan I encourage you to tread lightly in Phoenix when you get here. You can watch the Cards take on the Eagles with our next door neighbor. They're from Philadelphia.

  2. Never said I'd die by the Eagles. If they lose, it would not disappoint me. They've choked far too many times in the last ten years alone. I may not even watch the game.

    Oh, now people in Phoenix actually care about the Cards because the Devils are...well...maybe next year:)

  3. Yes, well I think we're commonly called band wagon fans....not Cole though.