Friday, January 30, 2009


I've been busy with video for my work, if you want to call it work. There is so much to learn, particularly trying to get a good video resolution uploaded to YouTube. Having spent a few days in Jerome getting some actual job site footage I have the editing stuff figured out but it's that lousy resolution.

For example this is what this scene looks like on my PC. You can enlarge the images by clicking to get a better view.

Now see the difference when it gets uploaded to youtube.

There are great tutorials on YouTube on how to do things, but so far no luck on improving the resolution to the way I want it. At least I got the wide screen thing straightened out. Sceen doesn't fit well with this blog template. Click the link or image below.

Edited 1/29- After clicking the link above and reaching the Youtube page, click watch in HD. Just below and right of screen. I got it right!

Off to the Phoenix Open today.

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