Friday, January 23, 2009

A Walk Around The Campus - Arizona State

Thirty three years sure goes fast. That's how long ago I probably walked this pathway on the ASU campus. Hell, I probably had all my teeth then too! Memories of the day. Sure has changed; notably the melting pot of students and naturally the construction. Yep all the pretty girls still flock to ASU. Why not. It's party central (my downfall years ago) and has great weather.

And climbing down that butte after a football game! Wheeew. That in itself was a chore after several beers and some of that whacky tobaccy. This was before they added the upper deck of the football stadium. Looks like they took all the fun out by erecting fencing around the area, but you couldn't see the football game anyway today from that perch. But who watched the game? It was a party excuse.

Fraternity Row. Sad, but the Sigma Nu house looks great below.

And I'll never forget that one Saturday morning when somebody in the frat said Reggie Jackson was playing catch out back. Being a fomer SAE, Jackson paid some visits after he left. This was the day after he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles back in '76, but refused to go. I sat around for about ten minutes listening to him, but enough was enough. If you've heard about Reggie it's all accurate. He's was a great ball player but no god.

Let's wee what else I have. Oh, high rise condos on the west side of town. No longer is the Manzanita dorm the most prevalent landmark in town when looking from a distance.

Didn't make it to Jerome last week. Rescheduled for Monday and Tuesday of this week.

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